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Stand out from your competitors online with a quick -loading and Google-friendly custom WordPress website designed by Code Armours. Unique graphics, easy-to-read text, intuitive navigation, and search engine optimization turbocharge views, branding, sales, professional networking, and returns on investment.

Custom WordPress web development professionals with Code Armours implement best practices to create jaw-dropping sites that serve as powerful marketing and ecommerce components of your business. So, when you’re looking for a custom WordPress website development services, trust Code Armours as your best custom WordPress web development company.

Get to Know WordPress

You already know WordPress. In fact, you’re viewing a WordPress site right now

More than one-quarter of all websites rely on this web development framework and its constantly evolving content management system (CMS). Being a dedicated custom WordPress website development services provider company in Columbus Ohio, enables Code Armours to build and maintain custom sites that become standards of excellence in the industries of our clients.

Benefits of Custom WordPress Web Development Services

  • Offers thousands of distinct page layouts
  • Includes tools that make designing unique page layouts easy
  • Allows responsive web design so sites display and work equally well on mobile devices, phones, laptops, and desktops
  • Engineered to be compatible with all commercially available plugins
  • Permits development of custom plugins
  • Integrates blogging and social media with ease
  • Facilitates use of SEO and digital marketing strategies
  • Permits mix of navigation methods
  • Encourages us of dropdown menus and interactive forms


The tools and capabilities listed above make a WordPress website easy to update and expand. With WordPress, site developers never wonder “Is that possible?” when tasked with creating a plugin, menu, blogging section, or entirely new site, only “How quickly can we do it?”

Latest Custom WordPress Web Development Work


Getting the most out of your WordPress website design and development requires understanding API programming, jQuery customization, Drupal and PHP integration, and a dictionary of other web and app authoring terms and techniques. Leave all this to Code Armours’ core team of ingenious WordPress professionals while you focus on serving your customers and working with your business partners. We can handle anything from front-end user experience and plugin deployment to simple website maintenance.

Custom WordPress Website Design & Development Services
WordPress web development company Columbus Ohio
Custom WordPress Website Development Services Columbus Ohio

More Reasons to Love WordPress Website Development

You may have guessed that we here at Code Armours love WordPress. Here’s why you should, too.

A Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you want to create a website from scratch or add features to a long-established site, WordPress offers tools to get the job done. And since WordPress is open source, Columbus, Ohio based Code Armours WordPress development team can create cost-effective solutions for companies large and small.

Simple Password-Controlled Updating

Using a standard or customized CMS associated with a WordPress site requires almost no training. The value to a business of being able to fix typos, post press releases, and quickly add or take down product pages without contacting their web service provider cannot be overstated.

Automatic Data Collection and Analysis

WordPress sites seamlessly integrate free tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and GetClicky that offer real-time dashboards for tracking visitors and marketing campaigns. Other tools facilitate SEO tagging and publishing web content to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Custom WordPress Website Development Company Columbus Ohio
Custom WordPress Website Development Services Columbus Ohio

Get to Know WordPress

No one matches the multidisciplinary team of Code Armours WordPress web developers and business specialists when it comes to vision, collaboration, value, and technical skill.

Clients’ Needs Drive Our Process

We start each custom WordPress development project by meeting with our client to perform a detailed needs analysis. We concentrate on bringing concepts to life, and we make sure to prepare a thoroughly documented technical design plan for the client’s approval before we start coding, creating logos, and optimizing webpages for Google search.

Brand Building Informs Our Mission

More than web developers, the members of the Code Armours team pride ourselves on being brand building solution architects. Our ultimate goal is never just to produce a site or app; rather, we want to equip each client with solutions that increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts and grow profits.

Engaging Extensive Expertise

Our core WordPress web developers spend their free time researching cutting-edge innovations in WordPress design and development. This ensures Code Armours delivers code that exceeds performance standards for display and functionality across all mobile and computer-based web browsers.

Fair & Transparent Project Pricing

Code Armours clients never pay hidden fees. Nor do they receive invoices adjusted for delays or technical difficulties. Our comprehensive, collaborative strategic project planning process ensures we can commit up front to a price that covers hands-on, personal, and, when necessary, in-person service along with any contingencies.

Delivering More Than a Website

Contracting with Code Armours to design and develop a WordPress website buys our clients a full package of products and services normally provided by several different companies. Complete technical documentation is created and handed over, and training in how to use the CMS to update the site is standard. Follow up, troubleshooting, and data analytics are also part and parcel.


Reach out to us online or give us a call at to discuss your custom WordPress development project.

Custom WordPress Website Design Columbus Ohio
Code Armours is the best WordPress web development company in Columbus Ohio


WordPress allows talented and dedicated programmers turn great ideas into great websites. Let Code Armours handle your WordPress site development and maintenance while you focus on becoming recognized as the brand in your industry for customers and competitors.

Do what you do best and count on us to sweat the coding, configuration, and installation. We’ll even hand over the keys while standing ready to jump in to help update and grow the site to accommodate the expanding needs of your business.