Web Site Help – 7 Measurable Ways to Increase Company Revenue With Your Web Site

 Web Site Help – 7 Measurable Ways to Increase Company Revenue With Your Web Site


Congratulations. You built a great business case and your boss finally signed off on that Web site redesign budget. It’s a bittersweet victory because you’re also accountable for its ROI.

Want to make a significant 410 bore ammo for sale  impact on your company’s bottom line? Make sure your in-house team or Web design vendor works a few of these revenue-generating objectives into the strategic plan. Want that bonus and well-deserved promotion? Be sure to include all seven.

Let’s get started…

  1. Increase membership volume

If your business depends primarily on membership and subscription quantities, registering and courting prospective members should be a primary Web site objective. Each new member increases the value of your organization and creates more opportunities to cross-sell other products and services.

  1. Increase online sales volume

Every Web site visitor represents an opportunity to sell your products, services, and brand. If your Web site can facilitate secured credit card transactions, your primary Web site objective should be to close the gap between visitors who buy and those who don’t. This macro conversion rate is critical to online success and overall Web site profitability.

  1. Increase qualified lead volume

If you cannot facilitate online purchases, your Web site should capture sales leads. Most service businesses want to (and should) acquire new customers offline. But don’t neglect your Web site. It can be the most profitable tool used to overcome objections, communicate value, influence the buying decision and constantly fill your prospective customer pipeline.

Any salesman would much rather call a prospect who has expressed interest in what he sells over cold-calling a stranger. The more visitors who call, contact, inquire, submit, or electronically express interest in your products and services, the more likely your salesmen will make offline sales and ultimately increase company revenue.

  1. Increase up-sell effectiveness



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