Wearable Device App Development Services

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Smartwatches, smart glasses, and internet-connected virtual reality headsets are no longer the next big things. With hundreds of millions of wearable devices already in use and the market for ever-smaller and more-portable tools for accessing the internet projected to grow rapidly, businesses building for future success must invest in Android and iWatch app development. Joining with the wearable app development team at Code Armours while entering this venture ensures you have a collaborative and innovative partner who is focused on delivering powerful solutions that yield high ROI.

Wearable Devices App Development Services Provider Company

KEEP UP WITh the Wider World

Smartphones unshackled web users and online shoppers from their desks and laptops. Wearable devices represent the next step in the evolution of mobile internet. And, as with all evolutionary processes, businesses must adapt or die.

Android Devices

The overwhelming majority of smartwatches and smart glasses run on Android. Programmers and application designers with Code Armours have decades of combined experience creating, maintaining, and upgrading apps for Android smartphones. We welcome opportunities to apply that knowledge and skill set to Android wear app development.


Few customer bases are more loyal and engaged than Apple device users. Working with Code Armours to get your own company’s customized applications onto people’s iWatches puts your information, services, and products at the fingertips of a most-sought-after market segment.

Recognize No Boundaries

Despite slow rollouts, products like Google Glass and Oculus Rift that put websites and ecommerce options directly in front of customers eyes represent a growing opportunity for adventurous companies. Contracting with Code Armours for full-service wearable app development consultation and delivery opens the door to nearly limitless mobile web possibilities.

Committed to Collaboration & Quality

The wearable device app development team at Code Armours does more than create computer programs. We sit down with each client to discuss vision and customer engagement before we ever write a line of code. We also commit upfront to working to the highest quality standards and to sticking with a project through launch, troubleshooting, and upgrading.

We Sweat the Detail

Steps we take during each Android wear app development and iWatch app development project include:
  • Consulting on mobile strategy to learn what our client needs from and wants to accomplish with the app
  • Generating research-based user profiles so the app we create best serves the client’s target audience
  • Conducting market surveys to ensure the new app does more than competitors’ products
  • Doing extensive design work to optimize the user interface and user experience
  • Conducting many rounds of testing at each stage to guarantee quality, functionality, and performance
  • Tracking user data after launch
  • Performing maintenance
  • Suggesting and making upgrades

An App for Every Purpose

Wearable apps developed Code Armours can:
  • Give users access to your ecommerce sites & their account information
  • Allow customers & co-workers to communicate in real time
  • Integrate seamlessly with a client’s existing websites, web tools, & databases
Wearable Device App Development Company

The Cutting Edge Is the Place to Be

Android wear app development and iWatch app development offer unique and largely untapped opportunities to connect with and serve your customers in new and valuable ways. The one thing holding most businesses back from seizing these opportunities is the lack of dedicated wearable app design partners. Let Code Armours fill that gap for you.

With You Every Step

Code Armours wearable app developers and designers invest themselves personally and professionally in each digital solution we create. We take pride in overdelivering at deadline, and in then working to make sure each application operates flawlessly for as long the client requires.

Get Noticed

Let’s be honest: Looks matter. Code Armours’ unique and collaborative wearable app design process ensures each client takes delivery of an application that incorporates their logos, features intuitive navigation, and stands out even on a crowded smartwatch screen.

Wearable Device App Development Services


Wearable devices have begun delivering on the greatest promises of mobile web connectivity. Do not miss your opportunity to connect with your customers through smartwatches, smart glasses, and virtual reality headsets. Count on Code Armours for the Android and iWatch apps that unlock every potential.