WCAG Compliance Solutions

By a Professional WCAG Web Design Company

Before diving into your website design, it’s important that you understand Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and which ones—if any—apply to your company’s website. For the most part, if your organization provides “public accommodation”, then your website probably needs to adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth by WCAG. These public accommodations include government entities, public spaces, employment, building codes, transportation, and telecommunication websites.

Partner with a WCAG compliance solutions and services company like Code Armours to ensure that your website is complying to industry standards, without using a cookie cutter or generic design.

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WCAG Compliance Solutions

Understanding Your WCAG Compliance Needs

Ensuring Your Website Meets and Exceeds Standards

There are three levels of WCAG compliance, A, AA, and AAA. AAA is what would be considered the gold star in WCAG compliance. Then, there are four separate facets of website compliance that we focus on when designing your website to be WCAG 2.0-compatible. Overall, there are 61 guidelines for websites to be completely WCAG compliant. You don’t have to follow every single one, it all depends on what services you offer and to what demographic. The most common guidelines followed include text enlargement capabilities, keyboard-only navigation, and color-sensitivity. Many websites go an extra step and ensure WCAG 2.0 AA compliance for robust and accessible content and design.

If you have an existing website that you’re ready to make WCAG compliant, let Code Armours guide you to the right guidelines and tweak your site for your desired and required WCAG accessibility. We have the right WCAG compliance solutions for your current website.

WCAG 2.0 Compliance Services

Partner with a Trusted WCAG Compliance Services Company

Create a WCAG Compliant Website Design

But if you’re venturing into a new website design, don’t waste time, energy, or resources building a custom website just to find out it’s not compliant with your required guidelines. Being caught outside of WCAG compliance could lead to monetary penalties against your website and company. Let Code Armours in on the ground floor and we’ll help take you to the pinnacle of compliance for your industry. Our WCAG compliance solutions will leave you with a robust and functioning web design that’s accessible to the people that need it, ensuring more customers and more business for you.

Turn to Code Armours, a trusted ADA compliance management team in Columbus, Ohio to build or tweak your website for optimal WCAG compliance. When your ready to start your project, drop us a line.