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You need Columbus web video production company for your business because video streams and downloads account for two-thirds of web traffic. By 2020, an estimated 90 percent of people online at any given time will be viewing videos or saving video to watch later. These market trends and realities mean that hiring an experienced and talented Columbus video production company has become essential for succeeding with any business strategy that involves using a website to attract and meet the needs of customers and clients.

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Embrace the Benefits of Video

Best Corporate Video Production Services in Columbus, Ohio

Partnering with the right corporate video production company in Columbus, Ohio will bring more visitors to your business’ website. Those people will then be more likely to click around on your site and more likely to buy products or request services. Consider the research.

Video Delivers Search Engine Optimization

As a responsive website design company in Columbus, Ohio, Code Armours solves multiple problems for our clients with video. Columbus video production benefit our clients because:

  • A video is 50 times more likely than a text page to rank first on a list of Google search results.
  • Blog posts that include videos draw three times as many inbound links as text-only blog posts.
  • Mobile and tablet users prefer watching videos to reading text, and nearly 80 percent of website visits come from mobile devices.

Video Boosts Engagement & Conversion

  • Conversions -- instances when a webpage viewer visits other pages on the same website -- rise by almost 800 percent when video is added to a text-only page.
  • More people watch web videos for longer than most people think; only 20 percent click away before 10 seconds, while 55 percent remain at the one-minute mark.
  • Putting a video on a webpage increases average viewing time by nearly 90 percent.
  • Between 45 percent and 50 percent of web video viewers can be expected to seek more information.

Video Imparts Information With Great Efficiency

  • The human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text.
  • One analysis yielded the estimate that watching one minute of video delivers as much information as reading 1.8 million words.
  • 80% of web video viewers in one study could recall a significant amount of detail from the video when tested 30 days later.
  • The majority of web video viewers report understanding more about a product or service after watching a relevant video.
Video Production Services Columbus

Explore the Possibilities of Videos

Trust Code Armours as your Video Production Company in Columbus, Ohio

You can rely on Code Armours’ Columbus, Ohio promotional video production services for all types of web videos, including:

  • Product showcases
  • Advertisements
  • Explainers
  • Executive and staff profiles
  • Testimonials from customers, clients, and professional colleagues
  • Special reports on corporate achievements and community service activities
Corporate Video Production Company

More Than Point & Shoot

Code Armours offers full service web video production in Columbus, Ohio. Our team of videographers, script writers, copywriters, lighting technicians, sound engineers, and makeup people are available for any type of project. We can bring in professional voice artists and actors for the most elaborate jobs, and we can ensure that your CEO looks great just introducing a new service. We will also offer suggestions on sharing videos beyond your own business website by incorporating them into social media posts, putting them up on YouTube, and repurposing them as digital ads.

What sets Code Armours apart from other web development companies that also do video production is our collaborative and dedicated process. We consult with the client from the first minute and make sure that each finished video shows exactly what the client wants. We also remain invested in each video after we hand it off, tracking its performance in search and conversion.

Do not trust your video production services to a web video company that won’t take the time to understand your business and respect your opinions. Count on Code Armours for professional quality and personal attention.