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Code Armours emphasizes UX design and UI design when developing websites and apps for our clients because user experience and user interface combine to make or break business websites and mobile applications. Potential customers and professional colleagues simply will not stay on a site or return to an app that looks bad, works poorly, makes finding information difficult, or features poorly written content. Balky ecommerce transactions, hung-up videos, and garish color schemes kill web sessions. Making us your UX/UI design company ensures you never lose a sale or miss a connection to frustration or lack of aesthetics.


UI/UX Design Company, UI/UX Design Services Columbus Ohio

Technology Meets Artistry

Ensuring topnotch UX/UI for website visitors and app users requires paying attention to every detail of:

  • Overall appearance
  • Navigation
  • Page and image load times
  • Bufferless video streaming
  • Link placement
  • Live links, and
  • Readability

Each element of user experience and user interfaces itself results for the coordination of multiple components. For instance, site and app navigation depends on how menus are constructed, where menus appear, the names assigned to menu buttons, and what types of content are grouped into which menu categories. Readability depends on the quality of the writing, the level of detail provided, the language used, and the contrast between the color of the text and the page background. Ensuring each link takes a person to the desired page requires careful program and regular page maintenance.

Making the right decisions regarding web UI design takes a unique blend of technical skill, consumer research, and artistic conviction. As a UI/UX design company, Code Armours delivers all of those by assigning web and app coders, graphic artists, business consultants, and professional copywriters to each project. The team members pool their knowledge, experience, and skills to create attractive and engaging websites and apps that prompt users to become buyers.

We also work closely with our clients every step of the way to learn as much as we can about what they consider optimal. Our top goal is always to use the most cutting-edge tools and techniques to make our client’s vision a reality.

UI/UX Design Company, UI/UX Design Services


Never leave how web users see and interact with your business’ website and apps to chance. Join with Code Armours to deliver outstanding UX/UI design services and increase the power of your online presence.