Start Your Own Restaurant Delivery Service  

 Start Your Own Restaurant Delivery Service


Meal delivery has been a successful business model for years. Owners of pizza and Chinese restaurant chains have made millions of dollars delivering a specialty menu.   Nangs Now a new business model has been developed that offers even more opportunity with very low start up costs.

That opportunity is too start a home based restaurant delivery service. The cost of having dedicated delivery drivers can be too much for many restaurants. By partnering with multiple restaurants an aspiring business owner can provide delivery services for them all while receiving a percentage of the sales plus tips from the customer.

The steps in starting a business are:

  1. Write a business plan.
  2. Decide the area to deliver in.
  3. Develop a web site to run the site from.
  4. Partner with local restaurants.
  5. Set up a business budget.
  6. Hire Drivers to deliver the meals.

Before starting any business it is important to write a business plan. Writing a business plan forces the wannabe entrepreneur to take a step back and objectively evaluate their business model, where they want to go and how they want to get there. There are many resources online discussing how to write a business model. The SBA is always a good place to start.

Before starting delivering you should figure out if this will be a profitable business model in your area. While hard numbers are difficult to come by it is normally estimated that a region will need at least 25,000 people within the delivery zone to be able to make money. That number may not be accurate but it should be obvious that the more people in the delivery zone the more profit that can be made. Also, while deciding to enter the business, be aware of competitors; not just other restaurant delivery services but restaurants that do their own deliveries.

It is possible to run the delivery business just using a phone to take orders from, but that would be a bad idea. A good website provides customers with menus, information, and a place to order, and it provides the business owner with order tracking and record keeping. It is strongly recommended that a website be developed. There are many companies that will develop a site; some are dedicated to producing high quality RDS sites. Expect to spend between 200 and 600 on the site.



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