Software Testing/QA Services

Premier Software Testing Company

When it comes to the technologies you rely on to run your business, whether they be your website, web or mobile application, or a legacy system, ensuring they work properly and efficiently is important. When it’s time to test your software, trust Code Armours to be your QA services company.

‘Good Enough’ is not Good Enough

At Code Armours, we don’t settle for ‘okay’. When we create something, we expect it to work the way it’s meant to – and then even better. We do this by rigorously testing everything we develop. We conduct three different types of testing:

Functional Testing

Functional Testing: a type of black-box testing that bases its tests on the specifications of the product that is being tested. The software’s functions are tested by feeding them input and examining the output.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing: a type of testing that ensures software that was previously developed and functioning correctly still functions correctly after it has been changed or interfaced with other software.

Sytem Integration Testing

Sytem Integration Testing: a type of black-box testing that involves the overall testing of a complete system once it’s established.

Here is our testing process:

Step 1:

We place the technology in a separate, controlled environment to ensure results are not influenced by outside parties.

Step 2:

Our developer conducts unit testing, which allows the smallest testable parts of the code to be tested to ensure all is operating properly.

Step 3:

Once the product is ready to be integrated, full system testing is assigned to a dedicated team of certified software testing professionals.

Step 4:

The testing team will run through the entirety of the product to find and report bugs to the development team, who will then go in to resolve the bugs.

Step 5:

The testing team will revisit the product to ensure the bugs have been resolved, and give their sign off. The product will then be given to the client to review and conduct their own tests.

Always Looking to Improve

During the Code Armours testing process, metrics are collected during every stage. We are always looking to improve our practices, and encourage our clients to provide feedback along the way. We strive to ensure there are minimal bugs when the software is passed into User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which is why we take great care as a software testing company in the services we provide.

No matter if you’re looking to develop software from scratch or are bringing existing software to the table that needs evaluation, a software testing services company like Code Armours can ensure your product functions the way it should.