Software Help – Create Flash Demos by Screen Recorder

Software Help – Create Flash Demos by Screen Recorder


As a computer guru of your life circle you may have been asked by your friends how to solve a technical problem, or how to use an application, but, usually you drive a long iTop Screen Recoder

way to make them understand what you are talking about. As a beginner you may have a lot of questions to ask, but not sure about the terms to describe your problem or the things happened on your screen. Here, you will get ideas of removing the obstacles. Everything could be so easy. Communication is a piece of cake.

Imaging this, you learned using some complicated software in the summer vacations and want to share with your friends.

The wonderful software experience may excite you to share it with your classmates or friends when you back to school. You can add many instructions and tips for the tutorial and make the operations more clear. And also you can visualize the experience and upload it to your blog to enrich the content. DemoCreator helps you to easily create dynamic software tutorial. It records the screen when you take actions on an application, and then you may add annotations and other visual aids to the captured screenshots.

How can I copy the music in the computer to the Cell Phone by Bluetooth? How can I add a new account in Microsoft Outlook Express?

If these are the questions you are often asked by friends and families, sometimes you may tired to tell the details on the phone again and again or take piles of screenshots and then send them out. It will be boring to repeat same things every time. DemoCreator empowers you to solve these kinds of problems. It records all your screen actions and enables you to create Flash-based troubleshooting demo with rich media. Since SWF is the most web friendly format, you can easily share your professionals online with your friends.



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