Reporting4Results – Mobile App

Code Armours teamed up with Reporting4Results to redesign their web and mobile application that helps businesses keep track of strategic goals and daily tasks.


Making Task Management a Breeze

Reporting4Results had existing software in place that provided a system for managing tasks and actions through regular, automated follow-up requests. The software also provides reports to management, which keeps employees accountable and allows for goals and tasks to be reached or accomplished more efficiently.

Updating Usability

Code Armours updated the existing Reporting4Results application design to make it modern and more user-friendly. We also fixed a number of issues and bugs within the system to make the application more robust and user ready.

web application development

Code Armours developed a web application for Reporting4Results written in PHP and SQL. It is a responsive design using CSS Media Queries and HTML5. The application allows users to create tasks and goals with a simple web form, as well as assign them and review reports.

Mobile Application development

To complement the web application and to allow access from anywhere, Code Armours developed a mobile application for Reporting4Results. The app was designed to be incredibly user friendly and intuitive, and we carried the updated, modern look over into the screen designs for a truly seamless experience.

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