Pistol Pete Leather Biker Jacket – The True Story of the Legend


Likewise with most articles that have a legend to back them, the ‘Gun Pete’ calfskin bike coat is a simple vehicle to recollect the justification behind its name. The twofold example biker coat that bears the name’ Pistol Pete’ isn’t named for ‘Gun Pete’ Maravich or the ‘Gun Pete’ clothing line planned by popular style creator Pedro Diaz, however the coat gets its name from probably the quickest gunman in what we call the Old West.


Forthcoming Eaton was brought into the world in Connecticut, the year 1860. His dad moved his family to Kansas and joined the Civil War as a Union officer. After the conflict was over his dad got back and moved the family west, to Oklahoma, where he turned into a vigilante. In 1868, 5 men (previous Confederate troopers who professed to be controllers) came to the Eaton home and gunned down Frank’s dad as minimal Frank watched. Mose Beaman, his dad’s companion, said to Frank, “My kid, may an elderly person’s revile rest upon you, in the event that you don’t attempt to retaliate for your dad.”


At 15 years old, Frank concluded he planned to have to figure out how to fire a firearm assuming he planned to retaliate for his dad’s homicide, so he went to the closest Army fortress and learned. He turned out to be capable to such an extent that the stronghold’s administrator gave him an award and the epithet ‘Gun Pete’. At 17 years old, Frank proceeded to turn into a U.S. Marshall, working under the ward of District Judge Parker, known as the hanging judge. Somewhere in the range of 17 and 25 Frank had the option to chase down and kill the 3 men liable for his dad’s homicide.


The third man, Wyley Campsey, went down  6.5 Grendel ammo for salewith his two guardians while Campseys was mixing drinks in Albuquerque New Mexico. Forthcoming had 11 scores in his weapon belt before he resigned as U.S. Marshall, which were all needed men. ‘Gun Pete’ Eaton kicked the bucket at the youthful age of 98 in his Oklahoma home. It is said that he wore his firearms until the day he passed on and that in his last years he was as quick on his draw as he was in his childhood.


The truth of the matter is, the main explanation that the coat has been labeled ‘Gun Pete’ is a direct result of a firearm pocket outwardly. The pocket is sewn sufficiently large to hold a standard handgun and so that entrance is simple when one slides their hand inside the coat. My Pistol Pete’s firearm pockets are ideally suited for the phone and iPod, since one never knows when they should be razor sharp for a tune shift or a call for bearings.

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