Peoplepedia, the Encyclopedia of the Human Race, is a Wikipedia-esque membership website where ordinary people create profiles to share their lives and create a digital legacy.

Branding and Identity

Code Armours worked with Peoplepedia to develop a logo and identity that would truly encompass all that Peoplepedia can do. We also created a responsive website for them that was developed with PHP and a Drupal content management system.

iOS Application Development

Along with the responsive website, Code Armours also developed an iOS application for Peoplepedia. This allows for ease of use for people on the go and those looking to connect with others no matter where they are.

Android Application Development

Code Armours knows that the majority of the population runs off of Android devices, so we also developed an Android application for Peoplepedia. We adjusted the UI and UX to better suit Android devices, which allows for a great experience across the board.

How it Works

Peoplepedia allows people to tell their stories. Users sign up and create their own page. From there they’re able to input personal information such as their birthday, name, occupation, nationality, education, Alma Mater, spouse, children, and a personal photo.
Once the profiles are complete, users can begin writing their stories for others to read. Users can follow each other’s profiles and read their writings, connecting with people all over the world.

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