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Word-of-mouth has always made or broken businesses. The web enhances this reality because positive and negative reviews travel around the world instantaneously and remain easily discovered forever. No business with any sort of web presence can neglect devoting resources to online reputation management. Code Armours wants to take this burden off its clients’ hands by offering an ever-growing range of online reputation management services. So, when you’re looking for online reputation management services look no farther than Code Armours.

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Online Reputation Management Services

Providing Positive Experiences Generates Positive Buzz

Why Choose Our Online Reputation Management Services?

You must earn a good online reputation. For a business, earning a good reputation entails meeting customers’ and clients’ demands for quality, honesty, and value. This is why Code Armours’ online reputation management services start with ensuring our clients’ websites and mobile applications operate optimally.

  • We make the best and most reliable ecommerce tools available to each client
  • Design visually interesting and easy-to-navigate webpages and app screens
  • Integrate a company’s apps with its websites and databases to optimize the user experience
  • Write factually accurate and highly readable web copy
  • Offer blogging and social media management services
  • Help clients plan, coordinate, and conduct online advertising and outreach efforts via pay-per-click advertising and email
  • Collaborate with each client to craft and consistently deliver unique, engaging, and actionable marketing messages
  • Fix technical glitches on the websites and apps we deliver as quickly as possible
  • Help clients collect, analyze, and implement data on website visitors and app users

They Really Are Talking About You

Why Online Reputation Management Matters

The customers and professional colleagues you want to sell to, serve, and collaborate with consult these review sites and others before reaching decisions about where to shop and whom to contact. Tools and support from the online reputation management services team at Code Armours can help you and your staff monitor and interpret relevant posts about your business and your competitors. Taking advantage of these resources allows you to know your business’ online reputation -- what people like and what they want improved. Having such knowledge contributes to making better decision regarding product/services mix, pricing, search engine optimization, and communications strategies.

Spread the Good Word

Inviting satisfied customers, appreciative clients, and respectful colleagues to share their positive opinions across the internet does more than any other thing to bolster and maintain your business’ good reputation.

Key components of Code Armours’ online reputation management services include:

  • Producing video testimonials to post on our clients’ websites and social media accounts
  • Creating testimonial webpages where people can share written endorsements and thank-you notes
  • Identifying review sites where people are already sharing opinions about what our clients do and how they do it
  • Assisting clients with appealing to review sites to have blatantly false information, threats, and prejudiced comments removed
  • Advising on how to use networking sites like LinkedIn to strengthen our client’s reputation among professional colleagues


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When you eschew online reputation management services for your business, your business runs the risk of developing a negative reputation you may never be able to dispel. Do what you can to make sure that when people talk about you on the web, they say flattering things. Connect with Code Armours on online reputation management services.