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“One page website design” sounds like a contradiction in terms. A website includes hundreds or thousands of pages, right? Usually, yes, but conceiving of a specially created webpage as a true online destination can return innumerable benefits to your organization. A standalone single-page website can draw visitors and redirect them to your main site in ways that just adding content to your existing site cannot.


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Make Your First Impression Count

Face it: Few people who find you online will look at more than the page they land on when clicking over from a list of search engine results. Relying on Code Armours for high-engagement single-page web design improves your chances of holding first-time visitors’ attention and converting them into customers.


A Page With a Purpose

The one-page website design team at Code Armours starts each project by asking our client what they want to achieve. Will the single-page site promote a special event or sale? Should visitors feel motivated to make a donation, take action in their own community, join an online movement, or click through to the main site? Form follows function for every component of a website, but this is never more true than when the entire site consists of a single page.

Messaging Matters

Code Armours outdelivers other one-page website design companies by offering professional copywriting services. With just the one chance to convert a reader into a customer or campaigner, you cannot risk turning people off with poor grammar and tired clichés.

A Tool Made Up of Other Tools

The worst mistake a business can make when designing a one-page website is to treat the project like creating just another webpage. The innovative programmers and marketing consultants with Code Armours help our clients think big about ecommerce, comments, chat, and social media tools that enhance user’s experiences without comprising the user interface.

One Page Website Design Company Columbus Ohio

Types of One-Page Websites

  • Special offers from your online store
  • Registration forms
  • Entry pages to your main website created for select markets
  • Announcement of signature achievements and milestones
  • Portfolios
  • Commemorations/Memorials
  • Targeted digital marketing campaigns
  • Community service initiatives
  • Fundraising
  • Launch of new projects and products

Benefits of a Single-Page Website

  • Highly targeted marketing possibilities
  • Unique messaging options
  • Enhanced data collection and analysis capabilities
  • Experimentation encouraged
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Quick and easy updates and expansions
  • Enhanced SEO with multiple URLs and keywords related to your main site
  • Fixed lifespan
  • Affordability in terms of development and hosting
  • Cost-effectiveness increases opportunities for high returns on investment