MotoGuide - MOBILE APP

Your Guide to Ride. We have developed the MotoGuide App to give motorcycle, ATV, UTV racers, and off-road enthusiasts GPS technology that locates events and riding areas.


Creating a brilliant startup from the ground up

The challenge was to implement a friendly interface where users could manage their profile. This profile was to include interests, disciplines, equipment type, and locations. Another monumental obstacle was aggregating the database of over 3,000 events and locations and updating this information to provide MotoGuide App users up-to-date information. The cornerstone of the MotoGuide App is the GPS location services. Users are presented with a clean and understandable map of their location as it relates to all the MotoGuide events.

Quick for IOS and Android

Engineering the MotoGuide App to provide a seamless interaction for users was a priority. Code Armours approached the coding in a manner which allowed for quick aggregation of information about newly created racing events. Additionally, we provided GPS services to users that deliver speedy real-time information about current racing and practicing opportunities in their area.

Backend Development

Code Armours designed, built, and delivered an admin portal which was built with custom PHP and MySQL. The backend management functionality allows admins access to fine-grained administration tasks. Additionally, we build custom admin portals for scale; as the needs of the MotoGuide App expand, the functionality of the backend was built to grow alongside. Advanced reporting, event management, user aggregation, and image galleries are the cornerstone of the MotoGuide custom admin portal.

Mobile Application development

Making the MotoGuide App available for both Apple IOS and Android users was paramount. We succeeded in designing and creating exclusive UI/UX for both platforms. These different UI/UX platforms allow users to easily enjoy and benefit from all the MotoGuide features and functionalities.

One of the major areas of accomplishment is realized when users experience the filtering platform of MotoGuide. These IOS and Android screens seamlessly provide users with relevant information that is specific to their GPS location.