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The most downloaded and used mobile applications didn’t just ‘happen’. They were not only deliberately designed and rigorously tested, but they were carefully marketed to gain users. A mobile application is one of the most rewarding ways to give an edge over your competitors. Code Armours is the leading mobile app marketing agency that will provide value to your customers and enhance the visibility of your company’s brand. We will work closely with you to develop a mobile app marketing strategy based on your target audience, available budget, features and your feedback. Our main goal is not only to attract customers, encourage them to download the app, but also keep them coming back. Choosing the right provider of mobile app marketing services can be the difference in success and failure. When looking for mobile application marketing services, trust in Code Armours.


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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Not every mobile app marketing agency is equal when it comes to their approach. At Code Armours we cover all the bases to best market your app. Whether it be optimizing the app for the app store or using influencer marketing, we work to address every outlet that could further the success of your mobile application.

Here’s how we market your app for success:

App Store Optimization

Everyone knows you need to optimize your website to rank well, but not everyone realizes you should do the same with your app. Google Play and the App Store have algorithms in place that prioritize apps based on a variety of ranking factors. Code Armours is knowledgeable and well versed in these factors and will optimize your app to ensure it works well within the app stores.

Establishing an Online Presence

To gain an audience prior to launching your app you need to establish an online presence. One of the most practical and useful ways to do this is through a microsite full of original content, helpful videos, and blog posts all relating to your app. Standard web marketing practices can be applied to the website and not only help gain app visibility, but gain downloads.

Promoting Through Social Channels

Targeted ads on social channels like Facebook and Twitter is another great way to gain awareness and increase visibility. Most users access these channels through their mobile devices, and after seeing the ad can easily visit the app store to learn more about how your app can be useful to them.

Utilize Influencer Marketing

Code Armours understands the power of influencers, which is why we utilize them in our mobile app marketing services. Bloggers and social media personalities can be used to feature apps and encourage their followers to not only check out your app, but download it.


App store reviews are critical when it comes to the success of mobile apps. They not only help with optimization, but make the app look more reliable and trustworthy to potential users. At Code Armours we utilize a variety of practices to gain reputable, real reviews for mobile applications.

Meeting Goals & Delivering Results

When searching for a mobile app marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio, you’ll find you have many options. What sets Code Armours apart from other agencies is our attention to detail and our ability to deliver real-time results. We work closely with all of our clients, ask the right questions, and gain a true understanding of their goals so we can be successful.