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Collaborating with Code Armours to create and use a corporate design package can help your business establish its brand and stand out from the competition. Online, business-to-business, and direct-to-consumer marketing initiatives that make optimal use of your logo, messaging, websites, and print materials contribute to cultivating a positive corporate reputation, extending professional networks, and generating revenues.

Custom Logo Design Services, Corporate Logo Design Company Columbus Ohio
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Worth a Thousand Words

The best corporate logos communicate what is unique about the companies they represent, as well what customers value about the products and services the companies offer. If that sounds like a lot to demand of a relatively simple-looking design, it is. Businesses do themselves a great favor when they partner with an experienced logo design company like Code Armours who can meet all the demands of conveying meaning while creating art.

Show Who You Are

Custom corporate logo designs make themselves immediately visible and impossible to forget. Pretty counts, but excellent design that marries images and text in an interesting way matters more. Investing in excellent logo design services reflects your own commitment to going the extra mile so people will think highly of you.

Tell What You Do

Think back to two of the most famous corporate logos mentioned at the top of this page. Nike’s swoosh evokes speed and strength. Facebook’s small f suggests the informality of friendship. Your own business’ logo can succinctly communicate what you deliver for customers when you make Code Armours your corporate logo design company.

Never Let ‘Em Forget

When do you see anything related to McDonald’s without also seeing the fast food chain’s stylized m? Can you even call to mind Amazon without thinking of its proprietary traveling Cheshire cat’s grin? You cannot because both companies make sure to include some version of their instantly recognizable logos on each product package, web ad, smartphone app, and webpage they create. The corporate logo design team at Code Armours will ensure that your branded image appears with equal frequency.

Your Vision, Our Artistry

Logo design services available from Code Armours encompass every stage of creation, placement, and redesign. We assign business analysts and marketing specialists to each project along with graphic designers to make sure that we can fulfill every one of our client’s needs.

Planning as Partners

We take the time to learn what our client does, what areas they excel in, and how customers and competitors will respond to certain visual and textual elements of a proposed corporate logo.

Consulting on Use

Our client exercises final say on the look and placement of its logo. We always stand ready to offer expert advice on these issues, but we never dictate options.

Exploring Ideas for Brand Extension

Where a company displays its logo determines not only who will see it, but what viewers may think when it appears. Looking for branding opportunities is an essential component of a corporate growth plan.

Creating Variations & One-Offs

Small tweaks can make huge differences in how people see and perceive your logo, especially when a custom logo design is associated with a special offer or one-time project.

Updating as Markets Evolve

The best corporate logo designs evolve over time. Code Armours is a logo design company prepared to grow with clients by delivering branding services that keep up with changing needs.

Corporate Logo Design Company Columbus OH


When looking for custom logo design services, look no further than Code Armours. Many clients who trust us to handle their website development take advantage of our corporate logo design talents to ensure that their corporate identity and brand becomes stronger as their web traffic increases.