IVUEIT provides real-time on demand photos and customer insights for those in the facilities management industry. With the click of a button those who need information about the properties they manage are put in touch with a global network of VŪERs who are at the ready to take the photos needed and provide valuable insight into the customer’s perspective.


Creating a Brilliant Startup from the Ground Up

IVUEIT was founded in 2014 by two longtime friends and colleagues when they discovered there was a lack of real-time documentation and information in the facility industry. Out of necessity and inspired by technology, IVUEIT was born and developed with the help of Code Armours.

Branding & Identity

Code Armours created the brand identity for IVUEIT to be clean and modern with a creative twist. We worked closely with the founders to deliver a logo mark and identity that truly represented their brand, and would translate wonderfully into the web as well as in print.

Web Application Development

Code Armours developed a web application for IVUEIT that allows facility professionals to submit projects to be completed by VŪERs. This client portal allows IVUEIT clients to have all of their projects stored in one place, as well as gain insightful information from surveys VŪERs take after completing a project.

The interface is easy to use, beautiful to look at, and allows those in the facilities management industry to manage their properties in a much easier, efficient, budget-friendly way.

Mobile Application development

To make IVUEIT accessible to all users, Code Armours developed both iPhone applications and Android mobile applications. We conceptualized the user interface of the apps, and took great care to create a flow that was not only intuitive to use, but enjoyable. The UI was customized for each platform, to ensure a matched, pleasant experience no matter if you’re a VŪER on an iPhone or Android.

UI was given incredible attention throughout the project, as Code Armours knows if an app is not intuitive or easy to use, it doesn’t matter how great the underlying business logic is.

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