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How do you manage your computer and internet infrastructure, keep your websites updated, develop apps, run your ecommerce programs, and execute your internet marketing initiatives while also operating a brick-and-mortar store or delivering services to clients? And as an even more-pressing question, how do you do all those things while keeping staff size and salaries within reason?

An essential part of the answer can be contracting with Code Armours to provide IT staff augmentation. Our website and mobile application coders, computer technicians, data analysts, and online business consultants expand your capabilities while ensuring no details go unaddressed, no opportunities are missed, and your personnel budget remains reasonable.

IT Staff Augmentation Services, IT Staff Augmentation Company

No Temporary Fixes

All staff augmentation companies are not IT staff augmentation companies. The same temp agency you rely on for laborers and administrative assistants probably will not be able to deliver credentialed, experienced computers programmers and network engineers. Code Armours maintains a worldwide team of IT and computer professionals who stand ready to meet all of our clients’ needs for IT staff augmentation.

Full Service

Code Armours has the people you need to meet whatever computer, internet, web design and development, or ecommerce challenges you face. Unlike many staff augmentation companies, we focus only on clients’ IT needs and we do not limit ourselves to a few niches.

In-Person or Remote

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Code Armours can provide IT staff augmentation services on site and over secure internet connections. We let clients set project parameters and deadlines, then we assign the team members who are best able to satisfy each client’s demands.


Code Armours also let our clients dictate the terms of each IT staff augmentation services arrangement. Whether you need to bring on a single specialist for a one-time project or retain a multidisciplinary team on call 24/7, we can deliver the skills at a workable price.

IT Staff Augmentation Services
IT Staff Augmentation Company


IT staff augmentation positions your company to achieve that mythic goal of doing more with less -- better meeting the needs of your customers and clients without growing your full-time staff. Choosing Code Armours from among your myriad of options for staff augmentation companies gives you those basic benefits with the added assurance that your contracted service providers are experts in their fields.