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Best IT Solutions Provider Company

Using the right tool for the right job facilitates success. This holds as true for business information technology as it does for carpenter’s lathes and chisels. Contracting with an experienced IT solutions company like Code Armours can help you identify, install, adopt, maintain, and upgrade the computers, servers, routers, and mobile devices you need to grow and thrive.

IT Solutions & Services Provider Company

One Size Never Fits All

Foisting one company’s perfect IT solution onto another company sets the stage for disaster. Factors ranging from the type of business conducted and staff size to budget and commitment to ecommerce change a business’ needs and options. Too many IT solutions providers foist a single set of devices on each client, ignoring red flags that pop early to indicate that a solution that worked elsewhere will fail in a new setting.

Code Armours is one IT solutions provider company that always develops unique answers to specific problems. We start each IT consult by conducting in-depth analyses of our client’s IT infrastructure and unmet current needs. We also learn what our client wants in terms of increasing sales, expanding client lists, streamlining work processes, and reducing operating expenses.

What truly sets Code Armours apart from competing IT solutions companies is our commitment to studying our client’s marketplace and competitors. Gaining insight into what clients and customers expect in terms of IT capabilities, as well as into how competitors are meeting or not meeting those demands, allows us to deliver IT solutions that outperform expectations and facilitate future success.

Hardware Includes More Than Computers

The IT services team at Code Armours takes a whole systems approach to planning and delivering solutions. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Computers, keyboards, & monitors
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartboards
  • Office space wiring
  • Digital projectors & cameras
  • Office phone systems
  • Smartphones
  • Servers & routers
  • Mobile and fixed data storage
Best IT Solutions Provider Company

Software Solutions

The Code Armours IT services team also consults on and recommends software solutions. We make our colleagues’ website development and mobile application programming talents available for creating proprietary solutions, and we advise on adapting off-the-shelf software packages to meet our client’s needs.


The Code Armours IT services team never plugs in a few computers and walks away never to be heard from again. We follow-up with each of client we provide IT services to so we can make sure that everything is working as intended and to collect information we can apply to later upgrades and extensions.


Practically every business consulting firm presents itself as an IT solutions company. Do not trust your business’ future to a pretender who fails to customize plans and pushes a single take-it-or-leave-it option. Enlist Code Armours as your IT service provider and take possession of the computer and software tools you need to meet all current and coming challenges.