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Online marketing encompasses everything your company puts on the web, ranging from the content of your main website and your shares on social media to paid digital advertising and the apps you create for customers and business partners. Consulting with a knowledgeable internet marketing company ensures you make the right moves to generate leads and convert views into sales via access to specialized services like pay-per-click management. Count on Code Armours as the internet marketing agency that will optimize your digital marketing planning and execution. Contact us online or give us a call at .

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Create Content That Trips Search Engines and Drives Web Views

Search engine optimization remains the most-effective form of internet marketing, but best practices are constantly evolving. As a longtime professional SEO services company, Code Armours knows how to respond quickly and effectively to changes in Google algorithms, analyze trends within our clients’ industries and across their competitors, and avoid pitfalls that hamper many online marketing initiatives tied to website content.


Pay Only for Digital Ads That Produce Results

Digital ads placed on third-party websites and in social media feeds offer many advantages for targeting people who are likely to want your products and services, as well as for generating data on what works to attract customers. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are also extremely cost-effective because you will only be charged when someone actually uses the digital image and text as a way to access your website. PPC management services offered by Code Armours range from ad creation and copywriting to consulting on placement and analyzing metrics.


Show Your Best to All Web Users at All Times

Well-designed email marketing solutions let businesses connect directly with the audiences who will be most receptive to different offers. Making use of Code Armours’ email marketing services will help your business collect contact information, customize email distribution lists, write messages that communicate clearly and get responses, and schedule email campaigns in ways that recipients appreciate

Reputation Management

Don’t Let Some Bad Reviews Hamper Your Digital Presence

Customers, clients, and business associates will talk. Today, they also write about their experiences with your business on online review sites and in social media posts. Some even take to YouTube and Vine to create videos. You can’t completely control your online reputation, but you must manage the impression people get by tracking trends and highlighting positive word-of-mouth. Online reputation management services available from Code Armours include video production for testimonials, search engine monitoring to flag false information, and consulting on improving customer and client experiences when they visit your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Cultivate Leads, Generate Sales, & Establish Connections

Conversion rate optimization services provided by the web and business teams at Code Armours increase the likelihood that visitors to your website will spend time, make purchases, share contact information, and reach out to you offline. Optimizing SEO and making effective use of other forms of online marketing truly generate returns on investments when website conversion optimization encourages a webpage viewer to become a subscriber, customer, or collaborator.

App Store Optimization

Creating Killer Apps Is Only Half the Battle

Mobile app marketing involves placing a company’s web applications on the front page of the App Store, making sure each app is correctly categorized, and ensuring a downloaded app installs and functions as designed. After all, people can’t use apps they can’t find and operate. When partnering with Code Armours on app development, be sure to ask about App Store optimization services.


Invest in Online Brand Management

Building and maintaining a strong, trusted and valuable online brand requires doing internet marketing well, managing your reputation skillfully, and delivering web content, apps, and services that people seek out again and again. Investments in online brand management do more than pay for themselves, and marketing a positive online brand pays off double.

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Online marketing and branding happen even when all a business does is put up a website or post to social media. Savvy and successful businesses contract for expert and dedicated digital marketing services that ensure their reputation is managed with care and that the highest returns are realized from initiatives like pay-per-click advertising and email campaigns. They also make use of professional services to optimize the visibility of their website to search engines, market their web applications, and convert web visitors into customers and colleagues.