Improving Nail Salon Air – 5 Answers To Questions About Nail Salon Air Quality

 Improving Nail Salon Air – 5 Answers To Questions About Nail Salon Air Quality


Nail salons continue to have an increasing presence in the beauty industry. And as the number of salons has grown there is increasing pressure to minimize the amount of chemical nail salon delmar ny  fumes to which customers and technicians are exposed. What can be done to improve air quality in nail salons? Here are 5 answers that will help.

What is the best way to take the chemical smell out of the air?

Continuous filtration of the air with a filter designed to remove chemicals is the only effective way to eliminate the odor. Since the chemicals tend to linger in the air (as evidenced by the smell that often greets you at the door), it is important to scrub the air constantly.

Is a HEPA filter effective at removing airborne chemicals?

No, HEPA (or high efficiency particle arresting) filters are most effective at removing airborne particles. To be designated as a HEPA this type of filter must be able to remove 99,997 out every 10,000 particles with 99.97% efficiency. This type of filter is a great filter to have in a nail salon because it can remove airborne pollutants such as dust, mold and mildew spores, bacteria and viruses as well as fine particles that are sent into the air with sanding and grinding of nails.

What type of filter is best for removing airborne chemicals?

Carbon filters are renowned for their ability to absorb gases, odor, and fumes. A filter that has a potassium iodide additive increases the carbon’s ability to absorb volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that evaporate from nail salon products.

Is it necessary to have 2 separate purifiers-one for particles and one for fumes?

No, it is best to choose a cleaner that contains both types of filters. A purifier that can multi-task by removing both particulate and gaseous pollutants will save you time, money, and space in your salon.

Using one air cleaner will save time because it will require that you maintain one cleaner rather than multiple cleaners. It will save money because you will need to replace only one filter, and the space saving factor is an obvious one.

What kind of maintenance is reasonable for a purifier in a nail salon?



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