Take advantage of Code Armours’ unique, collaborative strategic planning process to create a website and range of apps, digital marketing initiatives, and print materials that stand out from your competitors’ and produce measurable, scalable results.

Take these five steps with Code Armours:

Strategic design, DEVELOPMENT & marketing SOLUTIONS

1. DiscoverY

We do not offer one-size-fit-all solutions. At the start of each project, Code Armours’ talented and experienced team of web designers, app developers, business and marketing specialists, and project managers sit down with the client. Based on our own research and the client’s knowledge of what is needed to outperform competitors in satisfying the demands of customers and business partners, we explore multiple ideas with the intent of exceeding what our client even believe to be possible.

2. PLanning

When project objectives set in line with reliable data emerge from the discovery phase, the Code Armours team works with our client to write out a detailed plan. Deliverables, deadlines, milestones, and budgets are all fixed and agreed to. We always aim to ensure the creation of the most innovative products and solutions at the most reasonable price and without delay.


We take our client’s demands as our priorities while implementing a project plan. We pay particular attention to factors like user interface and user experience when creating webpages and apps because viewers will not convert to customers if they don’t like the look of a site or find it difficult to navigate. Should the project plan require an update, we contact our client immediately and work out a new approach to achieving the key objectives without adding time or expense.

4. Launch, Analyze, Adapt

Few Columbus Ohio website design companies offer the level of personal and in-person support that Code Armours considers minimally acceptable. Once we launch a website, an app, or a set of digital and/or print marketing materials, we track performance and looks for ways to introduce improvements. Data analytics, from simple webpage click counts and viewing times to conversion rates and ROI, inform all we do and allow us to provide exceptional, ongoing service. Staying involved with our clients and attuned to how our deliverables perform also enable us to step in quickly to troubleshoot problems, correct minor glitches, and visualize extensions.

5. Growth

“We grow what we build,” is a promise we make to each client at the start of the discovery phase of each project. More than 95 percent of the companies we’ve worked with in Columbus, across Ohio, and throughout the United States have taken us up on this offer. Updating websites, refining digital marketing strategies, and increasing the availability of apps help our clients increase revenues while becoming every better at serving their own customers and partners.

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