HIPAA Compliant Website and App Development

Design and Development for HIPPA Compliant Websites and Applications
As the world of healthcare moves ever so forward into the digital world, HIPAA compliance laws are becoming more and more attentive. Protecting patients’ personal health information – also referred to as PHI – is more important than ever. No matter if you utilize a website or mobile application, ensuring your patients’ personal information is protected is a necessity.

HIPAA Compliant Website Design

HIPAA Compliance for Health Applications and Websites
Your website needs to be HIPAA compliant if you transmit or store any type of PHI online. These transmissions can even be as simple as scheduling an appointment. The first step that should be taken is to use an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate to secure your website. An SSL will ensure that the initial step in the transmission of PHI is secure.

Depending on if you pass through PHI or store PHI on a server will determine the next steps that are needed. If you simply pass the information through, there are many secure email vendors and online web forms that are HIPAA compliant. If you store the information on a server, you need to make sure that hosting is HIPAA compliant. There are a number of items you’ll need to make sure they cover, including but not limited to:

  • Documented data management, security, and training plans;
  • Physical security policies;
  • Unique user IDs and passwords as well as procedures for login, logout, decryption, and emergencies;
  • Private firewall services with VPNs;
  • Private IP addresses; and
  • Antivirus solutions.

There are many more points that could be listed, and leaving the rigmarole of what’s safe and not safe to a professional HIPAA compliance expert will take that stress and responsibility off of your plate. You have patients to care for – leave compliance regulations and restrictions to a team that is well-versed and practiced in them.

HIPAA Compliant App Development

Ensuring Your Mobile Application is Compliant
Whether you’re a private practice or a large hospital, a mobile application can make things like scheduling appointments or reaching out to patients incredibly easy. However, since these applications still transmit data, they have to be HIPAA compliant. Whether you’re looking for a HIPAA compliant messaging app or a HIPAA compliant texting app, Code Armours can do the legwork for you and ensure all regulations are met.

We not only ensure all compliance requirements are exceeded, but that your mobile application functions wonderfully and is beautiful to look at. If an application is hard to use or not visually pleasing, users won’t stick around and continue to use it, meaning your hard-earned money was spent on something that isn’t paying off.

We hold the same standards true to our HIPAA compliant website designs, and never put out a product that doesn’t strike users visually and function seamlessly.

Put Code Armours to work on your HIPAA compliant website or HIPAA compliant app development – we have the experience and know how to deliver a stellar product every single time.