Escort Passport IQ – Revolutionary Radar Detector and GPS Navigation Device

  Escort Passport IQ – Revolutionary Radar Detector and GPS Navigation Device


Apparently the most famous electronic gadgets for car use are the GPS route unit and the radar indicator. The new Passport iQ from Escorting for men Escort consolidates both of these into one single gadget, and from what we’ve seen, it blends the usefulness of both the radar indicator and the GPS consistently.


Escort is known for their radar locators, and at the center of this gadget is the first class Escort 9500ix radar identification stage. They’ve done some huge designing on the unit to get it to fit inside a 5″ GPS, however from what we are told, the radar location execution is comparable to the 9500ix.


On the radar discovery usefulness, this unit packs a serious punch. They’ve given you a lot of show choices, including the new Expert mode, which is really a blend of the past Expert Meter and Spec Meter modes. This choice showcases up to four concurrent radar cautions on any band alongside the sign strength and numeric recurrence. The iQ will likewise show your present speed, the posted speed limit on the road you are driving, and the bearing you are going with a computerized compass. It’s stacked with Escort’s Defender data set of speed traps, red light cameras, and speed camera areas for North America and will caution you assuming there are any on your course. At the point when you pass by bogus alarms, the iQ will become familiar with their areas and will dismiss them later on.


On top of all that, the Passport iQ is likewise a completely included GPS route framework. It incorporates the most recent NAVTEQ maps and will give unmistakable turn-by-turn voice directed bearings. The unit will show 3D guides on the 5″ touchscreen screen and incorporates path help usefulness to assist you with knowing precisely where you really want to go or exit.


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