Enterprise Solutions Company

Guaranteeing that your customers and corporate partners receive the best service requires making use of increasingly sophisticated and adaptable enterprise solutions. So does streamlining business processes, improving internal and external communications, and keeping operational costs manageable.

From integrative software and manpower solutions to technology upgrades, your business needs access to the best, custom-designed solutions just to stand still, let alone grow. Code Armours specializes in delivering enterprise solutions that extend your IT staff, ensure the top performance of your computer network, and resolve issues that commercial software do not address.

Staff Augmentation

Arrange for Hands-On Help on Demand

Many Code Armours clients rely on us for IT staff augmentation. Working online, over the phone, and in-person, our software specialists, web application programmers, and network engineers extend the manpower of companies large and small. Hiring temps or bringing in personnel from other staff augmentation companies can create new problems when unlocking the full potential of an app or system created by Code Armours at an earlier date represents the solution.

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IT Outsourcing

Focus on Your Core Business & Let Us Handle Your Technical Needs

No business can afford to have its computers or internet go down. At the same time, updating and upgrading software and systems as missions shift and demands grow present entirely different sets challenges that must be met if a business wants to thrive. Outsourcing IT services offers a cost-effective solution for many small and mid-sized businesses. Contracting with Code Armours as their IT outsourcing company lets our clients think about their customers and collaborators rather than their computers.

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IT Solutions

We Have Simple Solutions For Your Technical Issues

No commercially available software package or computer system does everything. Sooner or later, your business will need a customized solution. As an IT solutions company, and even if you generally work with another IT service provider, Code Armours can deliver purpose-specific software, unique network architectures, and specialized programs and apps built from scratch.

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Code Armours provides all forms of technology services and support. In addition to website development and web app programming, our team is available for delivering enterprise solutions ranging from IT solutions and IT staff augmentation to full-service IT outsourcing.