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Few businesses thrive these days without selling products and services through their websites. Ecommerce solutions abound, but few off-the-shelf web tools meet all the needs of any particular company. Lack of customization, significant upfront costs, and high demands for ongoing maintenance and post-install tweaks frustrate customers and deny returns on investment.

As a full-service ecommerce website design company, we collaborate with clients to learn their needs, research their competition, and profile their current and desired customers. This allows us to think systemically about digital marketing as well as coding. As a result, we deliver ecommerce website design services that incorporate the most appropriate and most effective technology, SEO, copywriting, and database management.

Top Rated Ecommerce Web Design Company

Powerful Online Sales & Marketing Solutions

By Columbus, Ohio Based Ecommerce Web Design & Development Company

Even brick and mortar businesses recognize that future growth depends on transitioning to becoming savvy online merchants who tailor sales strategies for web users. Ecommerce web design services from Code Armours let our clients reap the benefits of:

  • Global reach to every individual and organization seeking their products and services regardless of physical location
  • Savings on stocking and displaying merchandise
  • Real-time inventory and account management
  • Customer and client education via blogs
  • Enhanced comparison shopping
  • Expansion of payment processing options
  • Targeted offers, individualized pricing for loyal customers, and group purchasing
  • Coordination with digital advertising initiatives like pay per click and Google AdWords
  • Email and text marketing based on customers’ stated preferences
  • Real-time communications via chat and video conferencing
Ecommerce Website Design Company

The Payoffs From Great Ecommerce Solutions

Custom Ecommerce Website Design & Development Company

Code Armours is an ecommerce website design company whose team members pride themselves on increasing our clients’ ability to engage visitors to their sites and generate high profits from online transactions. We accomplish this by ensuring each ecommerce site we design and develop has the potential to facilitate:

  • Corporate branding via consistent and eye-pleasing page layouts, color schemes, font choices, and logo placements
  • Search engine optimization
  • Quick and easy addition of catalog and service pages
  • Continuous and cumulative collection of customer data
  • Compliance with universal standards for payment processing, encryption, and data security
  • High profit margins
  • Customer satisfaction
Ecommerce Website Design Company

Many Options, One Goal

When discussing ecommerce web design services with clients, Code Armours programmers, marketing consultants, and graphic designers focus on four principle options for what are widely referred to as shopping carts. Each features unique capabilities for getting the most benefits in terms of technical administration and customer outreach. Which one a client chooses depends on its budget, existing ecommerce architecture, and needs for starting from scratch or expanding existing offerings.

Our Preferred Ecommerce/Shopping Cart Solutions:

Magento Go

Magento Go is software as a service that delivers high reliability and low upfront costs. Small businesses and entrepreneurs gravitate toward this SaaS ecommerce solution for creating digital storefronts that “live” off their own servers and, thus, have an extra layer of security and always-on availability that would come at extra expense with in-house hosting.

Attractive features of Magneto Go include:
  • Easy-to-learn tools for adding and deleting items from the online store
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Unlimited space in each online store for product images and descriptions
  • Upgrade-compatible with other ecommerce SaaS and programming packages
  • Low initial investment


Subscribers build and manage Shopify ecommerce sites completely online. To set up shop and stock digital shelves, Shopify users make a few mouse clicks to choose from templates that serve as digital storefronts and catalog pages. There is no software to download.

Attractive features of Shopify include:
  • Acceptance of all major credit cards, PayPal, and Google Wallet
  • Language and translation tools for selling outside the United States
  • Networking with fellow Shopify merchants
  • Blog-type content management system for adding and taking down product pages
  • Support for customer account management

WP ecommerce

Installing this plugin for WordPress-based websites adds a shopping cart to any existing business site. It enables the collection of fees for services as well as sales of physical products. And it is free, making it a great choice for businesses like small law firms who offer a limited range of services at standard prices and process only several dozen to a few hundred transactions each month.

Attractive features of WP ecommerce include:
  • Full compatibility with all other WordPress plugins
  • Administration with the WordPress content management system a business already uses
  • Support from fellow WP ecommerce users
  • Fully customizable product pages and payment forms
  • SEO tools


Ubercart is the preferred ecommerce solution for sites created using Drupal. It can be configured to present information and accept payments in multiple languages, and it supports subscriptions like monthly billing for site access.

Attractive features of Ubercart include:
  • Administration with the Drupal CMS for an existing website
  • Acceptance of alternate currencies like Bitcoin
  • Selection of shipping and billing options
  • Single-page checkout (i.e., filling a cart before paying all at once)
  • Secure customer account information storage and rapid retrieval

Why You Should Want to Work With Code Armours as Your Ecommerce Web Design Company

You have hundreds of choices when it comes to your custom ecommerce website design & development company. That puts the burden on us each day to prove to our clients that they chose well. The Code Armours ecommerce web design team does this by living up to our commitments regarding customization, specialization, dedication, and cooperation.


Code Armours outperforms other ecommerce web design companies by assigning teams made up of coders, business experts, marketing consultants, and graphic designers to each project. We also bring unmatched experience in meeting the needs of businesses as large as multinationals and as small as a single entrepreneur. Last, we offer services many ecommerce web developers cannot, including professional copywriting and production of ancillary print materials.


We involve our clients in each decision regarding which shopping cart to use, how product and payment pages should look, which special features to include, and how day-to-day site management will be handled. The Code Armours ecommerce web design team also remains invested after launch, making ourselves available for data tracking and analysis, digital advertising consults, and upgrade planning.


Each ecommerce solution we develop, design, and deliver reflects the stated and thoroughly researched needs of the individual client. We also build in features for expansion, upgrades, and further customization because we understand that no business is ever satisfied with standing still.


We answer the phone and respond to emails quickly. Or ecommerce website clients never wait for answers or experience extended downtime because a technical glitch is going unfixed.

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Whether you are just dipping your toe into ecommerce for the first time or in search of ways to expand your service to online customers, you will be glad you made Code Armours your ecommerce website design company. We welcome the opportunity to turn your vision into a reality while increasing revenues.