Compliance Management Solutions

Receive the Best Compliance Management Services

Code Armours provides regulatory compliance solutions for a variety of clients with compliance needs. Whether compliance is needed on state, local, or national levels – Code Armours is well equipped to handle and manage your website or mobile application to ensure it meets all requirements. Leave the frustration of researching new regulations and updating your website to the compliance professionals at Code Armours.

Managing Compliance on Many Levels

Regulatory Compliance Management Catered to Your Needs

Everyone’s business needs are unique. Just because you are required to be compliant in one way or another doesn’t mean you have to settle for cookie cutter designs and solutions. At Code Armours, we aim to produce cutting edge designs for each and every one of our clients, no matter what regulations and restrictions must be followed.

We understand there are many different regulations from state to state. Being knowledgeable about how each compliance differs across state lines is very complex and time consuming. Pairing that responsibility with how your website or application looks and functions can be very overwhelming and come with costly consequences if not followed through correctly.

Regulatory Compliance Software Solutions

Benefit Your Business while Remaining Compliant

Many business processes are designed solely to meet regulations – and as regulations change, so must the processes. Utilizing multiple compliance solutions can cause your processes to become redundant and contradictory. This not only complicates things for yourself, but reduces efficiency across all aspects of your company.

At Code Armours we can help you streamline your processes and identify overlapping requirements to help simplify what can often be difficult.

Some ways we help to determine what actions need to be taken include:

  • Performing a risk assessment on regulatory changes to highlight voids in compliance and determine the priority of correction
  • Creating compliance task management and automated workflows
  • Gauging and applying all regulatory requirements to policies and processes
  • Assessing the impact to the business of compliance changes.

When you’re ready to take your compliance needs seriously, entrust Code Armours to go to task for you.

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance Website Solutions

If you’re in need of an ADA compliant website, the professionals at Code Armours are ready to help. Drop us a line when you’re ready to guarantee your website is ADA compliant – we’re eager and ready to assist you.

HIPPA Compliance

HIPAA Compliant Website and App Development

Put Code Armours to work on your HIPAA compliant website or HIPAA compliant app development – we have the experience and know how to deliver a stellar product every single time.

Website Accessibility

Web Accessibility Testing Services

Have you already built the framework of your website for accessibility compliance? Are you still struggling to hammer the final nail in your compliancy design or find balance between a unique design and accessible features? Take advantage of Code Armours web accessibility consulting services.

WCAG Compliance

WCAG Compliance Services

Being compliant with Website Content Accessibility Guidelines when you are required means revamping your current website or designing it carefully from the ground up to ensure compliance. This is a difficult process but it’s not so difficult when you partner with Code Armours for your WCAG compliance needs.