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Best Mobile Application Development Company in Columbus, Ohio

The Columbus, Ohio, region is a large, diverse, and busy place. Your local customers, clients, and professional colleagues are constantly on the move. Make sure they never lose access to your online content, products, and services by partnering with Code Armours for mobile app development services that focus on increasing local engagement and sales.


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Online Now Means Mobile

Soon, more than 90 percent of internet traffic will come from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Already, the only way to reach the large majority of your neighbors with digital ads and online marketing messages is to optimize your business’ website and ecommerce pages for mobile display and use. Offering apps that allow people to directly access your content and buy your products only makes sense. The Columbus-based Code Armours mobile app development team works each day to help clients take this step.

Responsive Web Design

The web coders and app programmers with Code Armours apply the best practices of responsive web design to each iPhone and Android app project we tackle. This allows us to create sites and pages that display and operate equally well on screens of any size. Our clients never pay for separate products designed only for mobile devices.

iPad and iPhone App Development Columbus, Ohio

Ranking high in Apple’s App Store is not only possible for local business applications, it’s essential. In addition to making sure the apps we develop and maintain for our clients in the Columbus, Ohio, area work flawlessly on iPhones and iPads, we invest the time and resources in graphic design and app descriptions that are needed to optimize each app for App Store display, download, and ratings.

Android App Development Columbus, Ohio

Your customers, clients, and colleagues are six times more likely to carry a smartphone or tablet that runs Android software than they are to use an Apple device. Just listing off some of the brand names for mobile devices that depend on Android -- Acer, Blackberry, LG, Samsung – proves this. Quality assurance measures, beta tests, and follow-up done as part of each Android app development project we do ensure that each mobile solution we deliver operates without problems on every device.

Evolving With Technology

Members of the mobile app development team at Code Armours are among the most experienced coders and designers of apps for smartwatches and other wearable devices. As the web becomes available in increasingly diverse ways, we are ready to deliver your business’ messages and ecommerce options on each technology platform.

Best Mobile Application Development Company in Columbus, Ohio

A Partner on the Move

Code Armours’ commitment to true collaboration with our clients sets us apart from other Columbus, Ohio, mobile app development firms. We plan each step of every project in conjunction with our client, and we make the client’s goals our own.

While delivering exactly the apps clients need and want, we focus on providing:

  • Outstanding user interfaces and user experiences
  • Data and identity security protections
  • Two-way communication capabilities
  • E-commerce functions
  • Coordination with websites and databases
  • Data analytics
  • Troubleshooting and upgradability

Your local business will struggle to meets its full potential for growth and service if you fail to offer mobile apps for iPhone and Android device users. Count on Code Armours for all your local mobile app development needs in and around Columbus, Ohio.