BUCKTASK is a person-to-person jobs app for web and mobile that allows Bucktaskers to find, apply to, and accept jobs.


Do Tasks, Earn Bucks

Customers can use the app to find Bucktaskers in their area and invite them to jobs. Customers have the ability to post small jobs in various categories, including Cleaning, Babysitting, and Landscaping & Gardening. Bucktaskers have the freedom to decide what type of work they want to do. Customers can use the application to make payments to Bucktaskers, and Bucktaskers can use the application to transfer funds into their bank accounts.

Backend Control and Functionality

Code Armours developed a web-based admin interface for BUCKTASK to allow for total backend control. MySQL database server with a PHP API calls to sync the device and the server information. Code Armours integrated Checker for background checks and Stripe for payment services.

web application development

Code Armours developed a PHP web application for BUCKTASK allowing users to find and post jobs. We developed the application to be clean, modern, and easy to navigate, so users of all technological skill levels can get help with their tasks. The application flows seamlessly with the responsive web design we also created for BUCKTASK.

Mobile Application development

Code Armours also delivered an iOS app and Android app for BUCKTASK. We created unique UI/UX for each to suit devices perfectly, which ensures an equally enjoyable experience for all device users. On the App you can view Bucktasker profiles, post and accept jobs.

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