Professional Brochure Design Services

By Top Rated Corporate Brochure Design Company

Businesses that neglect corporate brochure design in favor of focusing exclusively on website development and online marketing deprive themselves of one of the most effective means of engaging customers. Paper lasts. Print still looks better than anything people see on computer or smartphone screens. Boiling down key messages about products and services into a few dozen words instead of running on as web text tends to do benefits staff and consumers.

No matter how much you invest in creating and maintaining your company’s digital presence, you rob yourself of an invaluable tool by overlooking why and how to use business brochures. This is why Code Armours sets itself apart from competing web developers by offering professional brochure design services.

Corporate Brochure Design Services Columbus Ohio

In Hand Equals in Mind

Most new customers will find you through a web search. They may even conduct all their business with you online. But when people come to see you in person or order products and services through your website, it pays to put information in their hands. A well-designed business brochure is the very thing.

Concise Messaging and Readability

Reading from a screen differs greatly from reading out of paper publication. Putting text on screen encourages skimming, skipping to the bottom, picking out only certain phrases, and clicking away. People actually read brochures, if not cover to cover at least right to left as intended. At the same time, space limitations in a brochure or booklet demand that copywriters produce tight, focused sentences and paragraphs that fall into the sweet spot between advertising slogans and essays. Hand someone a professionally designed corporate brochure, and that person will not only read it, he or she is likely to enjoy doing so.

Permanence Over Pixels

Investing in high-quality brochure design services can deliver returns on investment for a long time. Brochures stay on desks and coffee tables. Their ability to influence consumers’ decisions extend for days and weeks, sometimes years.

Professional Brochure Design Company Columbus Ohio

Art & Text Working Together

Columbus, Ohio based Code Armours’ professional brochure design team includes graphic artists, photographers, copywriters, and marketing experts. Team members pool their talents and consult with clients throughout the process -- from conception through distribution -- to ensure each pamphlet, booklet, or catalog looks great and achieves its intended purpose.

Pictures, Paper, Text, & Font

An effective brochure design company does more than deliver a pretty product. They ensure each piece of artwork and sentence is chosen and placed to achieve the optimal impact by being aesthetically pleasing and communicating clearly.

Regards for Readers

Achieving the optimal impact with a professional brochure design requires knowing who will read it and why. To collect and incorporate this information, the Code Armours brochure design team conducts market research and data analysis early in each project. We also stay in touch with our client at each step to solicit feedback, answer questions, and make requested revisions.

Corporate Brochure Design Services Columbus Ohio


Code Armours brings the same commitment to excellence and attention to detail to corporate brochure design as we do to web development. When creating or expanding your own company’s online offerings, ask us how we can bolster your in-person marketing by handling your meeting your needs for professional business brochure design services.