posted on January 5th, 2019

Why Keyword Research Is Still A Crucial Part for Your website SEO

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Keyword Research Is Still A Crucial Part for Your website SEO

For some time, keyword research in SEO has been a crucial part of strategic digital marketing plans.

If you have ever doubted why you need keyword research in SEO as part of your digital marketing initiatives, we have some important reasons for using keywords that you should consider.

What are SEO Keywords?

Keywords, as they pertain to Search Engine Optimization, are words and phrases that make your site available via a search engine. These keyword strings relate directly to the goods or services that your company offers. Developing a thorough list of keywords is the first, crucial step in developing an effective SEO strategy.

To do this, think of the service and geographical areas that your business would like to target. Some examples of keyword strings that use both service and geographical target areas would be, “Tire Rotation in New York City” or “Dry Cleaning Service in Boston, Massachusetts.” On-Page SEO Techniques to Rank Your Website on the First Page

After developing your list of keywords that you would like to implement on your site, it is time to put them into action. You must develop that hits the necessary criteria for search engines to find your site. Correctly utilizing your keywords on your site’s pages or in your blog posts is tricky business. It can be done with a complete understanding of how site’s like Google index your pages based on keywords; however, it is best to trust the professionals at a digital marketing agency like Code Armours.

Why Do I Need Keywords on My Website?

Keywords are like the engine under the hood of the car that is an effective SEO marketing plan. Without proper development and implementation, your site will not be found through search engines. Not utilizing search engines to put more eyes on your site is not something you want to take a chance on. A well-developed and executed SEO plan includes keyword implementation. Simply put, if you want to be found on search engines like Google and Bing, you need to understand keywords and how they affect your site’s SEO.

What to Do with Keywords

Once you develop the important list of keywords, it’s important to put them into action. The written content on your webpages, in your blog posts and across your social media posts do the bulk of your SEO work for you if you fully implement keywords into each piece. Code Armours offers the services of professional copywriters, market analysts and business consultants to clients. This gives each the confidence that the highest-impact keywords are clearly identified and consistently used on your site. We also focus on making copy informative, readable and encouraging for customers to get in touch with you.

Hire a Professional SEO Services Company to Improve Your Search Presence

Hiring a dedicated and professional SEO company like Code Armours will help you appear on the front page of Google and Bing searches. This is especially true when your local search terms are used. Local search terms relate to domains, web pages, local business listings, reviews, citations, and other local SEO factors that have an influence on search engine rankings. Code Armours offers an abundant amount of knowledge when it comes to SEO strategies and techniques to enhance your ranking.

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