posted on December 17th, 2018

Top Web Development Trends to Look Out for in 2018

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Top Web Development Trends in 2018

In the world of web development, the only reliable constant is change. Change is inevitable and so is the utilization of a digital experience that creates engagement and heightens intuition amongst users. For real time accessibility and beneficial functionality, it would be wise to try and stay in tune to the web development trends that consistently arise. Our company incorporates brilliant expertise surrounding upcoming trends and keeps in tune to what may arrive next.

An interesting development in the modern world of technology comes from an individual by the name of Evan You. His program, Vue JS has built one of the first marketing projects that maintains an open source code. They have launched an open source project that builds web interfaces with data bindings which map interconnections and a simple API which allows for variable flexibility via an online communications system. So far, Vue JS has been used by Expedia, Alibaba, Nintendo, Gitlab (77K stars) and has outperformed Facebook React in terms of usability and popularity.

Another interesting trend comes in the form of functional programming. This type of programming builds software based upon fundamental principles that compose functions in their purest form. Their functional code sequences are predictable and easier to test for usability than their counterpart, object-oriented code. Also, this method of programming avoids side effects such as shared state mutable data and parallel processing which prevents proper website synchronization.

Javascript also exists within the realm of upcoming web development trends. It is widely praised due to the fact that it creates functional programming concepts and principles which encourage decomposition into small functions. Their specific arrow functions create practical programming concepts (such as code generation and annotation) which reduce boilerplate. Boilerplate is bad because it causes duplication which leaves your code susceptible to bugs. Other influential components of Javascript are the object and array spreads which make it easier to reduce mutation of objects due to restructuring components. Also, it is easy to create new objects that contain existing values with Javascript. Lastly, this coding system features Async/Await which allows multiple functions to merge together and functionally depend on each other without failure.

Browser extensions are another characteristic of web development that deserve attention. With bits of code that modify web functionality browsers are able to add new features, change appearances and efficiently utilize systems such as Javascript, HTML and CSS. Real Time Web apps deserve mention right along with browser extensions. As a developing web trend, Real Time applications facilitate speedy interactions and allow for instantaneous sharing of information. They automatically push data which means the user does not have to continue to manually check the program to see if information appears. It will appear as soon as the information is submitted.

Perhaps, the greatest web development trend of them all comes in the form of mobile development. As the roles have reversed, progressive web apps are beginning to emulate mobile interfaces to provide relatable design and familiar functionality. Also, a mobile platform design converts new users and increases engagement causing those users to spend twice as much time on the source than they did before.

To create an application that rates high with the user and is designed with experience, contact Code Armours. Our web application development company is in tune to the trends and upcoming developments needed to take your business to the next level. Our development team understands functionality and what it takes to create an outstanding product. In a mobile friendly world, we consistently adapt to the times and will provide you with functional navigation every step of the way. Contact us via online inquiry or call us today (614)763-5050 to find out how we can put you one step above your competitor.


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