posted on September 13th, 2018

Reasons Why Your App Could Be Rejected by App Store

Reasons Why Your App Could Be Rejected by App Store

As an app developer, it takes hours and hours of manpower to come up with an efficient and usable application. You developed an idea, put together a game plan and went about executing your goals according to plan. Along the road somewhere, there might have been something you did not account for. We’re here to make sure that the kinks in your plan are only minor obstacles so that you can successfully submit your app without denial. To know how to overcome potential barriers, you must first know what you may stumble upon along the way.

App Review Process on App Store

The process by which an application receives reviewal is rather long and arduous. To ensure quality and to rid the marketplace of redundancy your application must make it through many leaps and bounds to be considered official.

User Interface

The User Interface that you incorporate must be user-friendly and meet the standard of design and format requirements. An important characteristic of design properties is the specific properties contained within the app.


One of the most pivotal elements that all applications must carry is metadata. Metadata includes names, ratings, descriptions and SEO rankings and provides the structure for the entire app.

Privacy Policy

If the application does not have a privacy policy, uses a Private API or shares personal user data, then it will automatically be declined. It is imperative that all information is kept confidential and that specific terms and agreements are met to gain access to the App Store. Also, try to use relevant keywords when constructing an application. If your app associates with any trademarked words or deceptive titles it will be considered dishonest and will make its way toward the rejection pile.

Some other major reasons why an application might be declined is due to its lack of development.

Bugs and App Crash

If at any point, the app happens to crash during the review process or contains bugs that hinder performance it is guaranteed that it will require another round of considerations before being approved. Another surefire way to assure your app is not fully mature is to deem it the “Beta” version. Any verbiage relating to “Demo” “Test” or “Beta” is a sign of imperfection and shows that your app is too flawed to be considered a final product. Any offensive language, inappropriate content (gambling or pornography) and any application that directly duplicates another app will provide a reason for removal.

Your app might have covered all of its bases regarding functionality, privacy, and development but if it takes too long to load, then it will be deemed unusable. To decrease load time (cannot be more than 15 seconds) make sure that you properly wire all of the backend material for the app. What this requires is to load data into the RAM, establish proper backend connectivity and ensure seamless user connectivity. A smart way to do this is by crafting an app that is simple, swift and tested on multiple devices to verify its main objective.

To avoid rejection make sure that you double and triple check all of the appropriate characteristics required to demonstrate that the app runs smoothly. Sometimes, Apple makes a mistake and assigns a false error during the review process. If that is the case and you truly believe that you have built a foolproof application you may contest Apple’s decision. At times, rejections have occurred due to minor discrepancies or alleged controversies which may require some deliberation and explanation to overcome the alleged violation in favor of a solution.

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