posted on November 2th, 2018

What’s So Great About a Progressive Web Applications (PWA)?

Progressive Web Application

Progressive web applications, or PWAs, are an important aspect in delivering a fresh and easy-to-use experience to users when they visit your website. Their structure of it will keep users engaged and help bring them to the final stage of buying your product or service.

But what does it mean to have a progressive web application?

The first thing to remember is that progressive web applications are responsive. So, no matter what device visitors are using to view your pages, the features are optimized to fit the screen size for easy navigation and viewing.

It’s imperative that your web application is bringing visitors to your site and keeping them there with a strong digital presence achieved through sleek, accessible navigation. No one will stay with your company if your web application is outdated, static or more importantly, hard to use from each visitor’s device of choice.

Keep a leg up on the competition with a progressive web application that engages customers, both returning and potential.

When you need an application that guarantees results at a low cost and is simple to maintain, then a progressive application development company is the solution. Here’s why a progressive web application dominates static web apps in the digital field.

There are other features that progressive web apps have which make this type of web app critical in the digital marketing world. 

Like the name implies, they are progressive.

No matter which browser or device users are on to access your PWA, it works. Phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, the progressive web app is accessible. 

They’re connectivity independent.

Whether working offline or with a poor internet connection, progressive web applications load instantly. This is crucial for both users and service workers to access the pages they need. 

They’re app-like and fresh.

The framework of progressive web applications gives a native app feel to the users. Instead of opening a web application and forcing phone users to hop over to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download an application, a PWA offers the sleek navigation and aesthetic of an app without taking up phone or device storage for a full-blown app. On desktop or laptop devices, they can be installed on a homepage for easy access and re-engagement of the user.

The “fresh” quality of progressive web applications comes from a database of constant updates and bug fixes, which deliver always-new features and keep the application up-to-date.

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