posted on August 29th, 2018

How to Make a HIPAA Compliant Health Application

HIPAA Compliant Health Application

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a set of regulations that require the protection and security of health information. One part of this act is the Security Rule, which establishes standards for protecting information that is stored and transferred in electronic form. As healthcare providers began transitioning from paper to electronic technologies, it became more and more important that patient health information was safeguarded.

Many patients are looking for convenient ways to contact their doctors and insurance companies for questions, appointments, prescription refills, and to review their medical records. For hospitals, prescription and insurance companies, and other healthcare providers, it’s important to ensure that when you transition to mobile applications you adhere to HIPAA compliance for your health applications.

Healthcare records are usually accessed by patients online, and the more advanced ones include a mobile application with messaging capabilities. These can be few and far between, as encrypting data and securing patient information under the Security Rule is rigorous and strict.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging Apps

For HIPAA compliant messaging apps, there are security risks that must be addressed before release and use. For example, a HIPAA compliant texting app for patients and healthcare staff must have strict authentication for accessing messages and not allow message notifications to pop up on phone screens. These are two primary features of the many that must be included to maintain a HIPAA compliant texting app.

Other security features required to achieve HIPAA compliance for health applications include disabling copy-and-paste, secure photo sharing and denied access to devices’ camera rolls, and encryption of message data in network and transit. Not adhering to any of the requirements for a HIPAA compliant messaging app will more than likely result in a company or healthcare provider being slapped with large fines.

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Apps

It’s crucial when setting out to create a HIPAA compliant healthcare app to be completely aware of all the regulations needed to ensure compliance. The extensive list of requirements can bog down your project and make it difficult to finish while also ensuring HIPAA compliance for your healthcare app.

This is when a healthcare mobile app development company becomes of significant use to you and your healthcare application project. Code Armours in Columbus, Ohio is experienced in HIPAA compliant applications and can take care of the security requirements of your patient information while you focus on their health management.


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