posted on November 15th, 2018

Latest iOS Mobile App Development Trends That Matter in 2018

iOS App Development Trends

To develop professional and polished application, it is important to utilize the industry leading methods that will give you the product you are looking for.

You must stay current on leading trends to give yourself an app that is built with the most advanced systems and processes. For most, this is a difficult task.

The need for cutting edge information and understanding is why you should look to a professional service to give you your desired end result. Code Armours is a reputable Ohio digital marketing company that adapts to change and provides user centric solutions.

The number one way to evolve your business is through accessible and functional applications. To boost your success, we stay in tune with what can improve the overall performance of your application.

In the coming year, there are many adjustments and improvements that will become industry standard. Many of these changes are user-friendly solutions that create the greatest ease of use and rapid information transmission.

Apple HomeKit (ARKit)

This new tool combines the forces of technological giants Amazon and Apple to form a 3-D and virtual based client servicing system. The HomeKit provides a range of communicative benefits within a simulated environment. By forming an entirely new virtual ecosystem, this new device will give companies an entirely new way to perceive business. Best Face Recognition Apps for iPhone

Internet of Things (IOT)

Applications that connect to internet-enabled devices provide users a wide range of tailored solutions. These types of devices are able to embed connection facilities swiftly within applications. This means that the user can have futuristic control over home appliances. IOT plays a pivotal role for home automation and applications that are controlled by vocal recognition. Eventually, these machines will become apart of the connected solutions that are used by everyday parcel routines. Their ability to expedite normal processes makes them a prominent part of security and transactional business systems.

Core Machine Learning

Interactive applications such as Quicktype, Siri and Camera all use Core Machine Learning. This development serves as the framework for task-related communication capabilities. Some of its main features are barcode recognition, image analysis, face detection, object tracking and natural language processing. It also integrates a task manager and contextual learning abilities. With its domain specific functionalities, it protects the privacy of user data and renders standard levels of communication to all iOS devices.

Swift 4

Swift 4 is far and away the most impressive app development trend to date. It is a robust platform that is safe, secure and easy to learn. The Swift 4 programming capabilities allows development to occur in a much faster timeframe. It is developed to handle a combination of multiple operating systems. Smart key paths, source code compatibility and serializations shortens build times and reduces the size of application binaries. This allows the developer to compile and mitigate data at their own efficient pace. It is workflow object oriented and features classes, protocols and generics which contribute to cutting edge data encryptions. The navigational components feature tracking services which combine the functions of augmented reality and GPS to accurately display location. It can host accelerated mobile pages, improves page rankings, makes ads more visible and leads to an increased click through rate. This software delivers rapid responses that saves time and effort for everyday tasks.

To create an application that rates high with the user and is designed with experience, contact Code Armours. Our iPhone app development company is in tune to the trends and upcoming developments needed to take your business to the next level. Our development team understands functionality and what it takes to create an outstanding product. In a mobile friendly world, we consistently adapt to the times and will provide you with functional navigation every step of the way. Contact us via online inquiry or call us today (614)763-5050 to find out how we can put you one step above your competitor.


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