posted on January 21th, 2019

Google Mobile-First SEO Strategies

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Google Mobile-First SEO Strategies

The term “mobile-first” is two-fold. First, it means Google will primarily consider the mobile version of a website when indexing sites. This is a signal of Google’s shift in efforts to mobile-friendly indexing and making the web a mobile-first place.

Second, it means that those without mobile-friendly versions of websites or websites without responsive design might see a negative effect on their search engine ranking. In a digital world, your search engine rankings are watch drives customers to your website, which then drives them to buy your products or services.

Google Mobile-First Indexing

In Google’s official guidance released early November 2018, the company states that since its search engine is used increasingly on mobile devices, it has decided to begin experimenting with mobile-first indexing, meaning that your company should start to integrate mobile-first index SEO strategies into your digital marketing plan. It is important to keep up to date on Google’s official guidance to ensure your site continues to rank highly. If you do not continually look for ways to improve your site and subsequent Google rankings, you will fall behind. The nature of indexing requires constant vigilance.

Here’s what you need to know and need to do for your website as Google transitions to a mobile-first indexing system:

  • If your website is already optimized in a mobile-friendly responsive design, you most likely won’t have to worry. However, you should keep an eye on Google’s indexing changes and contact a professional SEO company to ensure that your web application is fully prepared for the Google’s switch.
  • If your site is configured differently across mobile and desktop applications, now is the time to transition to a responsive web design that is optimized across all screen sizes and devices. It’s not enough to just ensure that your website is sleek, modern, and up-to-date. You must also coordinate the design and functionality between desktop and mobile version to create cohesion across the board.
  • If you only have a desktop version, then Google will continue to index your website as normal even if a mobile user is accessing your website through a phone or tablet. However, keep in mind that links and other functionality aspects may appear broken when viewed on a mobile screen. The bottom line is that now, it’s more imperative than ever to begin building a mobile-first index SEO strategy through a responsive and mobile-friendly web design.

Why Choose Us?

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Every detail matters from a ranking perspective. Amplifying content for a broad audience and remaining empathetic to visitors can cause a significant boost for your website. Your online copy should be tailored to your target audience. Everything considered, your website should provide purposeful information to meet the criteria of Google’s ranking algorithms.

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