posted on November 29th, 2018

The Benefits of ASP.NET Core in Developing Modern Applications

Benefits of ASP.NET Core in Developing Modern Applications

In January 2002, Microsoft made it a bit easier for programmers and developers to stay on the cutting edge of application development. Since the release of the first version of ASP.NET, the open-source web application framework has grown to six programming models and three more extensions.

Through the latest release, ASP.NET Core, programmers and developers can create dynamic web pages and modern applications. ASP.NET Core  is a crucial tool for a web application development company to create simple, fast, smart, and sleek web pages and services based on HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

ASP, which stands for Active Server Pages, is the ultimate tool for developers to create completely modern and dynamic web applications.

Furthermore, because it’s a server-side technology, it can execute on the Windows server before being sent to the browser, letting your web application to work seamlessly and with very little hiccups.

It’s critical to understand the benefits of ASP.NET Core and why it’s the best web development model.

  1. It decreases the time used for coding.

Because ASP.NET Core is a framework for web applications, the time needed to code is reduced significantly. Due to its flexibility in pulling HTML, CSS, and Javascript, it’s less headache for coders and more freedom in time to design the functionality and look of the modern web application.

  1. Writing and maintaining pages of ASP.NET Core is easy.

Since HTML and the source code are together, writing and maintaining pages becomes simple and fast. Additionally, because the source code is executed on the server it brings more power to your web pages and application.

  1. ASP.NET Core is secure, self-maintaining and self-monitoring

If there are memory leaks or illegal activity on your application, such as unbounded loops or ill-functioning programs, ASP.NET Core programs will immediately kill those programs and shut down that activity, restart itself, then replace them with new, identical ones to continue functioning correctly.

  1. It’s open-source

Much like the philosophy behind Github and other open-source communities, the ASP.NET Core framework is open-source and supported by a large community of developers and programmers. Browsing through a large library of community-sourced will reveal information and tips and tricks needed to better optimize your own web application or help you start your first one.

At the end of the day, no matter the framework used and no matter what programming languages you know, it’s helpful to have the backing and knowledge of a professional web application development company like Code Armours in Columbus, Ohio. Our team of expert programmers and friendly staff of knowledgeable developers can help bring your dream project to life with our experience in ASP.NET Core framework.

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