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Partnering with Code Armours on Android app development puts your online information, services, and products at the fingertips of the greatest number of potential customers. For all the headlines grabbed by new iPhone and iPad launches, the overwhelming majority of smartphones, tablets, and wearable digital devices run on Android -- by a ratio of more than 6-to-1. That makes collaborating with a talented and innovative Android app development company one of the smartest decisions any business can make if it wants to connect with and sell to mobile web users.

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Unmatched Reach

Devices that run Android include:
  • Acer tablets
  • Asus tablets
  • Blackberry smartphones
  • Dell tablets
  • Droid smartphones
  • Fire smartphones from Amazon
  • Galaxy smartphones
  • HTC smartphones
  • Lenovo tablets
  • LG smartphones
  • LG smartwatches
  • Moto smartphones from Motorola
  • Nexus smartphones from Google and Samsung
  • Nokia smartphones
  • Samsung smartphones
  • Samsung tablets
  • Sony tablets
  • T-mobile smartphones
  • Toshiba tablets

And these are only a sampling of Android devices available in the United States. Developing applications specifically for Android-enabled devices can be an important step toward building a worldwide clientele.

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A Partner You Can Count On

Code Armours’ dedicated Android app programmers and designers commit to working with each client from the first moment of solution conception through the final upgrade. Our unique, collaborative planning and work process ensures that we take all of our client’s concerns and needs into account when creating, installing, servicing, and updating Android apps.

We pay special attention to how each new app integrates with a client’s existing suite of web tools, websites, databases, and servers. Doing this yields maximum reliability and functionality. We also offer user data analysis and troubleshooting services that minimize a client’s need to contract with other third-party data and IT providers.

Attention to Every Detail

As an Android app development company, Code Armours offers:
  • User analysis so a new or expanded app best serves the client’s target audience
  • Competitive analysis so the app we create outperforms those offered by competitors
  • Market research so we can add attractive design elements and operating features
  • Mobile strategy consulting to ensure we know what our client needs and why they need it
  • Architecture mapping to maximize performance and integration
  • User interface/user experience testing to draw and hold customers
  • Quality assurance
  • Maintenance and upgrades so customer connections and engagement never suffer for technical reasons

Apps for All Purposes

Android apps created by Code Armours can:
  • Boost ecommerce by capturing and securely storing customer account info
  • Enable real-time communication with customers and between co-workers
  • Draw from and coordinate with social media accounts
  • Display customized maps, special offers, and curated information based on a user’s preferences and location
Android Application Development Services

Value and Peace of Mind

We admit it. Android application development by Code Armours will cost you more than simply selecting a commercially available app. At the same time, businesses often end up paying dearly to relearn the lesson that you get what you pay for. A customized Android app that shows your logo, is programmed specifically to make the best use of your websites and databases, and includes features that your customers want can quickly return far more than its upfront cost. Return on investment should matter more than purchase price.

A True Partnership

The Code Armours Android application development team never just uploads an app and walks away. We make a personal and professional investment in each digital solution we provide, making sure to track and analyze user data, suggest improvements, and fix glitches. Most importantly, we keep lines of communication open at each step of the design, programming, launch, and maintenance process, ensuring our client knows what is happening and responding to concerns.

Design Matters

Code Armours prides itself on delivering Android apps that look good and function better. We include digital artists on each app development workgroup and task them with creating elements that catch users’ eyes and improve navigation.


Stated as simply as possible: Customers everywhere are ditching their laptops for smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. More than eight in ten of those mobile devices run Android. You need Android apps to reach customers online. Count on Code Armours – our Android application development service is unmatched.

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