The Epiphone Riviera – Classic Hollowbody Styling and Tone But Overlooked by the Beatles


The Epiphone Riviera reevaluated Epiphone during the 1960s, after the wavering organization’s pioneer passed on and was procured by guitar goliath Gibson. This semi-hollowbody guitar with twofold cutaways and humbucking pickups was presented in 1962, and was a takeoff from Epiphones different models to date.


Then President of Gibson, Ted McCarty, saw the chance to use Epiphone as a subsequent Gibson brand, rather than the lesser thought of utilizing Epiphone to create acoustic Gibson basses.


The somewhat more modest “small humbuckers” on the Epiphone Riviera were really an endeavor to keep the guitar on a lesser level than it’s older sibling, the Gibson ES-335. Rather than the customary PAF Humbucker tone, the scaled down humbucker delivered marginally lower yield.


The Riviera has been eclipsed in the one of a kind market by the Casino model. While you could contend that the two models are very comparative in plan and tone, the Casino enjoyed one obvious benefit: The Beatles.


While the Fab Four would have been pg with the Riviera, for some odd reason they (particularly John Lennon) inclined toward the Casino. Endless possibility decisions have molded the destiny of numerous guitars throughout the long term, and that is simply reality.


The Riviera has the standard Gibson pickup arrangement: two humbuckers, neck and extension, each with free volume and tone handles. This exemplary arrangement can likewise be found on the Les Paul, Flying V, SG, and a lot of others.


Top players of this guitar incorporate Otis Rush, The Edge, and Nick Valesi of The Strokes, who has his own Signature Riviera, the P-94.


This is a phenomenal guitar for jangly stone sounds and succeeds catching a rare tone. This is nobody stunt horse however, as this hatchet is happy with playing rock and blue grass music also.


The first is at this point not underway, nor is the Epiphone Elite variant of the Rivera, yet nowadays you can find both up for sale destinations like eBay. Hope to pay a couple hundred bucks for a reissue, and $5,000 or something else for a unique.


For a retro look and sound that you simply don’t see over and over again, the Epiphone Riviera is an extraordinary decision.

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